Gods of Giza Video Slots Game Discussed Online

The Gods of Giza is a video slots game developed by Genesis Gaming. It offers a 4 x 4 reel with twenty pay lines and it incorporates an ancient Egypt theme. The game itself takes place in an ancient Egyptian tomb where various treasures need to be uncovered while under the protection of the Gods of Giza. The game itself incorporates high definition graphics to provide supreme gaming quality. Gods of Giza offers various bonus features, free spins, special symbols, and a high winning potential.

Winning Results

The Gods of Giza features four spinning reels and offers a maximum bet of twenty coins. The game is played from left to right, and winnings are paid out on all active pay lines, except for those with scatter symbols. Winnings are also multiplied by the bets per pay line, with the exception of scatter symbols.

The game does not offer a progressive jackpot, but still enables large payouts. The jackpot payout equals 20 000 coins, with a maximum of 200 000 credits.

Scatters and Wild Symbols

The Gods of Giza Canadian slots game incorporates scatter symbols, which will pay out regardless of where they are positioned on the reel. Each scatter win will automatically be multiplied by the total wager, increasing the total payout.

Wild symbols can be used to represent any of the other symbols, except the scatter symbols, to form winning combinations. These may then be used to increase one’s winning chances.

Rotating Free Spins Bonus

The Rotating Free Spins bonus is the unique feature of the game. The bonus feature of the Gods of Giza is activated when a player lands three or more scatter symbols. This will immediately activate eight free spins, during which the reel window will rotate by ninety degrees after each spin. The reel window can rotate up to four times per free spin. This means that each spin can lead to four chances of reaching additional winning combinations.

The rotations only apply to the line bets, not the pay lines like in the most scenarios. After rotations, line wins will be re-evaluated and any additional wins noted. After rotation, the reel windows will always land up back in their original starting positions.

Additional Symbol Payouts and Multipliers

In addition to the Rotating Free Spins Bonus, the Gods of Giza offers numerous other symbols that will offer unique payout opportunities, as pre-determined by the pay table of the game, available through the Info section thereof.

These special symbols of the Gods of Giza are ones taken from Egyptian mythology and history, and include objects and figures such as the scarab beetle, King Tutankhamen, Egyptian royalty, the sphinx, and others. These symbols will pay out according to pre-set standards, but this payout increases according to the rarity of the symbol in the game.

Also, payouts are credited when symbols with the inscription ‘bonus’ appear. One such symbol will multiply the total bet by three, and this will rise with every single symbol. So, one symbol will equal a 3 x multiplier, 2 a 4 x multiplier, 3 a 5 x multiplier, and 4 a 6 x multiplier. Due to these additional bonus symbols, the maximum multiplier will equal 16.