A Look at Bridezilla Online Slots Game’s Symbols and Bonuses

Bridezilla is a five reel video slots game developed by Microgaming which offers unconventional features and guarantees 243 different ways to win. The game has a strong wedding theme and incorporates many wedding symbols, including churches, church bells, flower bouquets, cars adorned with the ‘Just Married’ sign, a bride and a bridegroom. The young bride is the central feature of the game, and she is transformed into a clawed and horned monster, Bridezilla, at various intervals throughout the game.

Bridezilla does not offer a progressive jackpot, but winning combinations are made up of adjacent symbol combinations lining up from the left to the right of the screen, upping players’ chances of winning. There are no pay lines per se, but the adjacent matching symbols offer 243 different ways of winning.

The game also boasts a high graphics quality and incorporates bright and cheerful designs, together with high quality sounds. Drawing on Japanese culture and art, Microgaming has also introduced Manga style graphics into the Bridezilla game.

Scatter Symbol

In the Bridezilla online slots game, the scatter symbol is represented by the golden church or wedding bells, which will grant players a certain number of free spins; depending on how often the scatter symbol appears. If the scatter symbol appears three times, then ten free spins are awarded. For four scatter symbols, fifteen free spins are awarded. Then, finally, if a player lands five scatter symbols, twenty free spins will be rewarded.

The free spin scatter rounds will activate Bridezilla and turn the young bride into the monster. Bridezilla can appear at various times on the screen during a non-winning spin, roam the screen, and uncover and activate various bonus prizes.

Wild Symbol

The game also offers a wild symbol, which is represented in the game by the young bride. The wild symbol can be used to replace all other symbols, that is, with the exception of the scatter symbol, the golden wedding or church bells. Apart from this, the wild symbol can represent any other symbol and can then be used to complete winning combinations and boost the player’s chances of an increased payout.

Bridezilla Bonus Rounds

When Bridezilla appears on the screen after activation during a non-winning spin, bonus prizes will be activated and all the higher valued symbols of that free game round will pay out various bonus points. Other symbols will grant multipliers or additional free spins when Bridezilla appears.

If Bridezilla uncovers symbols of the bouquet of flowers or the car with the ‘Just Married’ sign, players will be rewarded with a 1 x multiplier. If Bridezilla uncovers the wedding cake, players will receive a 2 x multiplier. If Bridezilla uncovers the groom,online casino gambling players will receive an additional free spin. Finally, if Bridezilla uncovers the church symbol, players will be awarded with a + 1 wild multiplier.

The Bridezilla feature cannot be triggered again, but the multiplier will be applied before normal  payouts and will stay active throughout the free spins round.