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Pachinko is a betting game that is believed to have originated in Japan shortly after the Second World War, where it is still played in dedicated pachinko arcades, or ‘pachinko parlours’, today.

The game was initially played on a machine that closely resembled a pinball table, but in modern times has become a fusion of sorts of well-known virtual games pinball and video slots.

The name is derived from the Japanese term pachi-pachi, usually used to describe the clicking sound made by small objects or the crackling sound produced by a fire, but in this case used to describe the noise made by the pachinko balls within traditional pachinko machines.

How iPad Pachinko Works

The game of pachinko has evolved since its humble beginnings in Japanese pachinko parlours to offer modern virtual games available to players online and even from their mobile phones and tablets, including Apple iPads. A game of iPad pachinko entails an electronic playing field into which the player discharges various pachinko balls, each carrying its own unit value, using an electronic throttle. These balls bounce off various obstacles on the playing field at various speeds which often enough can be adjusted by the player in question by using featured player game controls.

Some of these balls will fall off the playing field as the game continues, but the object of the game is for as many balls as possible to land into specific pachinko ‘buckets’ or ‘gates’, at which point an in-game slots game will commence; depending on the results of these slots games, the player may win more pachinko balls with which to continue the game. Once all of the original balls discharged at the start of the game have been played out, players may exchange the balls they have collected during the game for cash or choose to continue the iPad pachinko game.

iPad Pachinko Benefits and Bonuses

Like blackjack Canada , iPad Pachinko is available to players both in real money and free game formats. Real money games allow iPad-based pachinko enthusiasts to claim real money wins while enjoying premium game play, and free games are perfect for players who wish to familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of pachinko, or simply enjoy exciting budget-friendly entertainment on the go or straight from the comfort of their own homes.

Players indulging in games of dynamic iPad pachinko may also stand the chance to reap the rewards of a variety of exciting bonuses specific to iPad players. Generous welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses may be awarded to players upon their registration of a real money player account, and deposit bonuses are offered as a means of rewarding players for making an initial deposit into their respective player accounts. These player accounts can be easily and securely controlled straight from players’ iPad, all while secure servers keep their personal information confidential and safe. The addition of vivid graphics and 3D animation and lifelike sound effects paired with the high resolution touch screens of Apple iPad ensures that every iPad pachinko player can experience a game to rival one in a prestigious Japanese pachinko parlour when playing the best iPad pachinko games for free or real money play.