Baccarat Tips Every Player Needs to Know

Baccarat is a fiercely entertaining game of odds, probability, and a small dose of good old-fashioned strategy.

With a dramatic increase of online consumption happening all over the internet, games that would normally be played in a casino are now available online – and may even facilitate stronger benefits than the traditional brick-and-mortar version.

Whether you are a seasoned Baccarat strategist or a wide-eyed newbie, these four tips are bound to help boost your gameplay and kick your critical-thinking mind into action.

  1. Never Bet on a Tie

Sometimes even referred to as a “sucker’s bet” by long-time players, betting on a tie rarely works out for the bettor. The pay-out pertaining to an accurately placed tie bet is temptingly lucrative, but you’d be wise to resist the impulse to go for it.

Only about 9% of all Baccarat games result in a tie, while a player’s bet sits at a much higher 44.62%. The dealer’s bet is highest of all, resting consistently at 51%. The odds are extremely low and therefore very unlikely to yield positive results. Steer clear!

  1. Don’t Obsess Over Patterns

New players especially may struggle with this one. When you first start playing a game as unpredictable as Baccarat, it may seem natural or even smart to observe whether a pattern of outcomes develop over time.

However, because the outcome of each Baccarat game is truly as random as the outcome of tossing a coin, spending time fixating on a non-existent pattern is a waste of much-needed energy.

  1. Keep it Short and Sweet

Experienced Baccarat players know that winning streaks usually happen in short bursts followed by a polarising drop in accurately placed bets. This has more to do with the nature of the human brain’s ability to focus than anything else, but there’s definitely a lesson to be learnt there.

If you are on a winning streak, stay calm and don’t give in to greed – of course it’s difficult to call it quits just when you’re having a good time but restraint will always prevent you from bleeding your budget until it’s dry.

  1. Play Online

There are many benefits to be found in playing Baccarat online instead of at a traditional casino.

Not only does it mean that players can participate in any variations of their favourite games right from their home location, but it presents them with the opportunity to practise the game without spending any money.

The latter aspect in particular can be very useful to new players, who need all the practise they can get before they start betting with real money. Before the internet, players did not have this option, and could easily empty their pockets on anticipated trial and error.

Playing games like Baccarat online means that players from any level of experience can both refine their strategic abilities and simply enjoy the natural excitement that comes alongside participating in this beloved Italian game of chance.