The Difference Between Live Dealer & Online RNG Roulette

Roulette has long been one of the most popular games in all of casino history. It has been featured in numerous movies, books, and popular media, and over time has comfortably secured its place as an all-time classic casino game.

Now, as we enter an age of ever greater technological marvel, with the online industry steadily taking over, roulette has continued to hold ground as a favourite, though in a rather surprising way.

One Step Back And Two Steps Forward

Online casino games have taken giant steps over the years to accurately simulate their original counterparts, and, by and large, have done an exceptionally good job. However, there are areas where they still fall short, something that the advent of live dealer games have only made more apparent.

Namely, a sense of “reality”.

Live dealer casino games feature an actual real-life human dealer, live streamed to your PC or mobile device. This simple innovation has achieved growing success precisely because it “re-introduces” three important aspects back into casino games such as roulette:

  • An authentic casino atmosphere.
  • Actual human-to-human interaction.
  • True random chance.

The latter is arguably the most defining aspect of live dealer casino games, and also their major difference to regular online games. But how then do online digital games, like roulette, work if not by the same random chance as regular casino games?

The Amazing RNG Machine

The RNG, or Random Number Generator, is a mechanism, first conceived in the 1940s, that was used with the first digital casino games in the early 1980s, such as slots and video poker. Since then, however, it has expanded to be incorporated into a vast number of devices and applications across many different industries. These days, virtually anything digital, online casino games included, that utilise “randomness” in some way, have an RNG of some sort to perform the job.

This has been deemed necessary because anything created in digital format is essentially entirely “digital”, i.e. a series of ones and zeros telling a machine to perform a function. Therefore it has always generally been assumed that whatever creates the random chance, must also be digital. That is, however, until live dealer games proved otherwise.

True Random Chance

As efficient and widely used as RNGs are though, they are still not considered by many as generating “true random chance”, i.e., the random chance that we experience in everyday reality. In fact, RNGs are even said to be “more random” than reality, and so, in a sense, more brutally “fair”.

This is because random chance in real-life tends to bring up some very odd, seemingly non-random results from time to time. There are, after all, countless stories of the most incredible odds being broken, and furthermore, it seems to happen with some frequency.

Whether this is true, and explainable, or not, it is understandable for gamblers, especially players, to seek any advantage they possibly can. Apart from this though, just having a real, friendly, face as the dealer, is generally enough to make live dealer roulette a very popular way to play the game online.