Play Like a Professional: 5 Best Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a much-loved casino betting game that millions of people around the world play on a regular basis. The game may be ultimately governed by chance, but is it possible to weigh the odds in your favour through careful strategy and planning?

Some people believe they have luck on their side, but most of us need to rely on years of experience and know-how to bring success.

While there is no fool-proof way to always win any betting game, there certainly are tactics that even the newest beginners can use to boost their gameplay and drastically improve their chances of scoring a win.

  1. Pick Your Seat Wisely

Choosing where you want to sit is one of the small parts of Blackjack gameplay that you do have some control over – so choose wisely. Being seated very closely to the dealer means less time to prepare for making decisions, especially if the dealer themselves is in a rush.

Wherever possible, aim to seat yourself at the end of the table for an immediately more spacious environment from which to play your game.

  1. Forget the Gambler’s Myths

If gambler’s myths were a jungle, you’d get lost in it. In the casino gaming world, there are opinions and bubbles of advice coming at you from every angle, but not everything you learn is worth taking into account.

Avoid players who offer you “absolute truths” about how to play Blackjack – it is, after all a game of chance and there are no airtight ways to consistently achieve wins.

  1. Put a Cap On it

Simple, and perhaps even obvious – but extremely important, for both new and experienced casino players. One of the fastest ways to go downhill is by not knowing when to pull the brakes on your betting budget.

Ideally, you would have a strict, non-negotiable budget set by yourself before even starting the game in order to avoid the temptation of pushing yourself further with every round. Don’t waste your resources on a lost cause, be smart and put a cap on it.

  1. Resist the Martingale Betting System

There are many betting systems and strategies out there which may or may not bring you success, but this one is particularly known for its repeated lack of favourable outcomes.

The Martingale Betting System is emulated by doubling the amount of your bet when you lose. Similar to if you were to buy a new car on credit before receiving a bonus you’re not even sure you will get, this system’s strategy is weak and will more likely than not result in you losing far more than what is necessary.

  1. Don’t Drink and Bet

Having a few drinks with your fellow players may sometimes seem like a social requirement, but it can often lead to clouded judgement and poorly executed strategy.

Indulge if you must, but avoid heavy drinking wherever possible to significantly reduce your chances of botching your own game. Remember, none of the other players are looking out for you – that is your responsibility alone.